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Land Management - a System of Planning and Management Methods and Techniques

Land Management is defined as a system of planning and management methods and techniques that aims to integrate ecological with social, economic and legal principles in the management of land for urban and rural development purposes to meet changing human needs, while simultaneously ensuring the long-term productive potential of natural resources and the maintenance of their environmental and cultural functions. Land Management can lead to sustainable development through land use planning. Land Administration can lead to tenure security through land titling and land dispute resolution. Land Distribution can achieve equity between land rich and land poor through land allocation for social and economic purposes. The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction together with the Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration, Royal University of Agriculture prepare to set up a bachelor program, supported by a loan from the World Bank (WB) and through technical assistance from Germany (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – BMZ and German Technical Cooperation – gtz).

The Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration

The Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration is a faculty which is meanwhile full implemented within the Royal University of Agricultural (RUA), opening its doors at the beginning of the 21st century with the objective to provide human resources in land management and land administration. The faculty is composed of three departments:
  1. Department of Land Policy
  2. Department of Land Management and Land Administration
  3. Department of Geomatics, Surveying and Mapping

An important Role in the Development

Land Management plays an important role in the development cooperation with Cambodia. Example: The Land Administration Sub-Sector Program (LA-SSP) which includes five work areas:
  • Development of land policies and regulatory framework
  • Institutional development
  • Land titling and development of a land registration system
  • Resolution of land conflicts
  • Land valuation and land market development
Land Allocation for Social and Economic Development deals with increasingly restricted access to land that threatens rural livelihoods. Land distribution in three Cambodian provinces can be seen as a test run for a countrywide distribution helped by Social Land Concessions (SLC) that play an important par within the Cambodian Land Law from 2001.


The vision of the Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration is excellence, morality, commitment and responsibility, empathy with rural and urban society, and environmental sustainability.


Das Verfassungsrecht und das Bodenrecht sind in Kambodscha bislang nur unzulänglich auf die Bedürfnisse einer Politik hin zugeschnitten, die Zugangschancen für alle Bürger in Bezug auf Land eröffnet. Optimierungsbedarf besteht in der Schaffung eines nicht auf Private übertragbaren öffentlichen Bodeneigentums sowie in der Implementierung eines zukunftsfähigen Raumplanungssystems.